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All the Star Wars Mac games you can no longer play…

Macbook Pro; edition with Retina display Processor 2. This, and The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Neither seem to run on mac regardless of how good your setup is. I don't know how I should contact them. The link they have to talk to a 3rd party for a refund is not working. If you bought it from Steam then Steam should be reliable.

They have messed up on mac so much recently.

The best Star Wars game on Mac: Knights of the Old Republic 2

Add Shadowgrounds to the list of unplayable "mac versions" If I ask steam, they point to the developers, if I ask the developers they point to retailer steam. So honestly man, I wouldn't count on getting your money back. You just got boned by the system.. I am playing the Mac version right now. Just taking a break to look at this forum while I goof off with some coffee. The game is running just fine here on a late 27" iMac 3. Check the Mac system requirements.

This old game should run well on older systems too.

It was ported by Aspyr and is a native OS X app. It is not a Cider port, etc. Hope that helps.

Also, contact support at Aspyr google them if you are having issues and they will help you out. Maybe when i work through some of my backlog of games i will pick this up for nostalgia. That or if it goes on sale. Try other forums to see if it works on mac.

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My Fallout 3 works perfectly on my Windows 7 computer and steam says its not compattible. Tomatoketchup View Profile View Posts. Works great on my Imac but I get this annoying crash in the ship that captures your whole crew. When you log on the computer and click open all cells, game crashes and I can't continue. Playing this on Macbook Pro It's not just a Mac issue.

Plenty of people have problems getting this to work on an Windows PC.

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Myself included. I searched for weeks to finally make it not crash on the start screen but it was worth it in the end. So does anyone know of a way to fix this? I really hope that there is or an update comes along to fix this. From what I've seen on other reviews I don't know if this has happened to anyone else or not.

Hopefully this is not something that later will come and kill my game.

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Game is outstanding. I know this is useless now but it would have been cool to still be able to play around after you beat it - instead, once you kill Malak, they take you through some cut scenes and then return you to the main menu. Also, truly would have enjoyed further character customization. Overall awesome game though, just wish there were more like it!

I'm not going to lie. In the beginning, this game seemed like a really boaring game. I played for about an hour moving around trying to figure out what I was going to do.

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The controls were a bit weird to get used to, but after I figured out how to adjust them it was great! After not playing it for a few weeks, I decided to go back and try it out.

Best move of my life not litterally, but I think you get my point! I've had a blast playing this game, and even though the price is a bit high, it's worth it, trust me! I was able to play the game with all of the advanced graphics setting on, and as high as possible on my 15" Early MBP with 8GB of ram, quad-core 2.

Only ONCE did it freze up and that was because I click around and hit too many buttons at the same time. I quit the game, restarted it, and it proformed flawlessly after that.

On occasion, once I kill and enemy or ally, depending if I'm going to be Dark or Light , I wasn't able to get my character to move for a few seconds. This never happened during a battle, only after a "wave" passed, and even then it rarely happened. All in all, this is a superb game an NOT getting it provided you have the right coputer to operate it would be a mistake! Mac App Store Preview.

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description years before the Galactic Empire, you must lead a party of heroes and villains in an epic struggle to save the galaxy.