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The latest releases demonstrate an attempt to accommodate GUI users within the console environment. Turbo Vision editors. Navigating and editing should be relatively intuitive for a novice coming from a GUI. Text selection can be accomplished with the mouse typical non-persistent stream marking; no column marking yet. Within text, a right button popup menu displays familiar buffer manipulation nomenclature like "cut, copy, paste" rather than "kill, copy, yank".

The popup menu also has a cascading menu "buffer Of course, many of these default features can be tweaked to individual taste or completely dispensed with , by using the user setup dialogue or by manually editing config files. Go to the Jasspa. A related page with good tips for Windows users: MicroEmacs Introduction. The remarkable and remarkably complex Unix-derived GNU Emacs is often considered the "king of editors" because it is completely extensible e. No pre ports of GNU Emacs exist.

A full installation of v Tutorial included.

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Also, the files emacs. DOS , which lists all of the other setup files that are inside the download packages. Another excellent programmer's editor with many capabilities.

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But with the advent of v0. Install: Need to set env. Author: John E. Davis Suggested by Scott Nesbitt. I don't have much experience with this Borland-inspired editor. Intended for programmers rather than word processors, but includes interesting features that all may find useful. SETEdit seems destined to attract a large user base due to its combination of advanced functions and familiar, Borland TurboVision multi-window interface.

Linux version, source available GPL. Author: Salvador Eduardo Tropea , Argentina Get lots of info at the Home Page. Get versions for other OSes at the Project page. Win9x LFN support. This looks like a superb editor in many respects; perhaps best suited to those who desire the versatility of a power editor but are more comfortable using a familiar point and click, pulldown menus interface. Designed for programming, but can perform general text editing as well. Win9x LFNs are supported, but the native Win32 console is newer.

Get binaries, source and news at the File List page at SourceForge.

Some older info is still online at the FTE home page. Quick comments: I really like the simple and comfortable mouse-compatible interface of FED. This is a quick and powerful text editor, doesn't overwhelm with "featuritis," and is intuitive enough to learn quickly. The Thomson-Davis Editor is a surprisingly small but complete public domain programmer's editor which should appeal to a larger audience.

From a user: ZED is "just my kind of editor: techie, powerful, and configurable I am hooked. Notes: EXE size K.

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No mouse support. Source available. Interesting features: "Shadowing" e. THE to see a demo of the editor's capabilities. Distributed under GPL, source available.

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A professional text editor developed c. REF , and should run on old and new PCs alike. You are free to copy SEDT, use it, and port it to any platform. Download seddos. Many automated formatting and markup functions. WordStar key bindings. Max editable file size 64K. ASM source in package. Use VBX solo, or as a companion to the VDE text editor, which it can call with one keystroke, to edit a file or any marked block within it, and to access the Win3. Extensive hypertext Help. Download vbx Net sites. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more.

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